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Cavity Prevention Education

There are many ways to prevent cavities. Regular dental visits and good home care are necessary for good health. You should also watch your children’s diet. Cut out sugar, sticky foods, and other snacks and drinks that can cause cavities. Snacking also exposes the teeth to extra sugar during the day. It is important to not give your children drinks at bedtime because the sugar in the drinks will just sit in your children’s mouths all night long

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Oral Health Examination

One way we ensure a healthy mouth is by performing regular checkups. Children should be seen every six months unless they have a problem.

It is also recommended that during an examination your children get X-rays, which allow us to check for tumors, cysts, and bone loss. They also allow us to look at the positions of your children’s teeth and their roots.

While performing an examination, we look at the gums to make sure they are not infected or diseased, but if they are, we will help your child. We also look for signs of tooth decay and cavities. While we are examining your child’s mouth, we will also check any dental restorations that have been completed such as fillings. We also look for any signs of oral cancer. We check inside and outside the mouth for cancer.

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Orthodontic Evaluation

We also offer cosmetic work to make sure your child has the smile he or she always wanted. We offer teeth whitening and much more. Our dentists are also able to do orthodontic work, using braces and other tools to ensure your teeth and jaw are where they are supposed to be.

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Digital X-Rays

X-rays help us look inside your child’s teeth for problems invisible to the naked eye. We can often diagnose cavities much more quickly with an X-ray. They are also helpful for finding any gum or teeth problems that we need to address.

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Dental Cleaning and Fluoride Treatments

It is also important for children who are growing to see the dentist regularly. We like to professionally clean their teeth, removing all of the tartar and plaque that may be building up. We then polish them so that they shine. For most children, we also offer a fluoride treatment, which helps their teeth continue to be strong.

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Tooth-colored Fillings (BPA Free) New York, NY

Tooth-colored Fillings (BPA Free)

Composite resin takes a little longer, though most people still prefer it because it creates natural-looking teeth. It takes more than one layer, and a special light is used to harden the area around the filling.

Before your child gets a filling, your child will receive a local anesthetic to numb the gums around the tooth. We will then clean away the bad and decayed part of the tooth so that it is ready to be filled. Some dentists will apply glass ionomer to protect the tooth and nerve. Once the tooth is filled in, we will smooth over the rough edges and polish it so it looks natural.

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Extractions New York, NY


Tooth extractions can be necessary for many reasons. Some teeth are too diseased to save. There are times when a tooth is too damaged. We might also remove teeth if your child’s mouth is overcrowded.

We will always do a thorough examination with X-rays to determine the best course of action for your child. We will go through your options so we can make the right decision for your child.

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Root Canals (primary teeth)

If your child’s dental pulp is infected or diseased, it is really important to get it treated right away so that your child can have a healthy mouth. The most common procedure we perform is a root canal. Root canals are done to stop the infection or disease and also to prevent it from recurring.

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Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are used when children lose their baby teeth early. This sometimes happen due to trauma or even decay. When a tooth is lost, other teeth will shift to fill in the space. Though this sounds good, it actually can cause a lot of spacing and alignment problems when the adult teeth start to come in. Because of this, spacers are used to fill in the space where the tooth is missing so that the other teeth stay in place.

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Teeth Whitening (teenage patients)

Teeth-whitening products use bleach, either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which breaks up stains into smaller pieces. This makes the stains harder to see, making your teeth brighter. However, bleaches do not work on all teeth, so it is important to talk to the dentist before bleaching your child’s teeth.

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