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Emergency Pediatric Dentistry Services

At Open Sesame Kids, we understand that kids dental emergencies can happen at any time, especially for children. Our emergency pediatric dentistry services are designed to provide prompt and compassionate care when your child experiences a dental emergency.

Open Sesame Kids

Why Choose Us for your childs dental emergency?

Dental emergencies in children can range from severe toothaches and broken teeth to knocked-out teeth and oral injuries. Prompt treatment is essential to alleviate pain, prevent further complications, and preserve your child’s oral health. Our emergency kids dentistry services offer:

  • Immediate Attention: We prioritize dental emergencies and strive to provide same-day appointments whenever possible.
  • Expert Care: Our team of experienced pediatric dentists is trained to handle a wide range of dental emergencies with precision and skill.
  • Comfortable Environment: We understand that kids dental emergencies can be stressful for both children and parents. Our clinic provides a comforting and child-friendly environment to help alleviate anxiety and fear.

we have over 20+ years experience as a kids emergency dentist in new york city

When your little one experiences a dental emergency, trust our specialized kids emergency dentist team to provide prompt and compassionate care. Our experienced pediatric dentists are dedicated to alleviating discomfort and restoring smiles. Don’t wait – contact us immediately if your child experiences a dental emergency. We’re here to provide the expert care your child deserves, ensuring their dental health and peace of mind.

Childrens Emergency Dentist NYC

Navigating Dental Emergencies with Ease

From those “oops” moments to unexpected aches, we have got you covered. Dr. Grady specializes in gentle, effective solutions for various dental emergencies, such as:

  • Knocked-Out Teeth
  • Severe Toothache
  • Chipped or Broken Teeth
  • Lost Fillings or Crowns

Why Trust Us For Your Child’s Emergency Dental Care?

  • Expert Care with a Smile: Dr. Grady is not just skilled in pediatric dentistry; she is a pro at making kids feel comfortable and safe.
  • Ready When You Need Us: We understand the importance of quick action and make it a priority to address emergencies promptly.
  • A Warm, Welcoming Space: Our office is not just a clinic; it is a calm haven designed to ease your family’s worries during those unexpected visits.
  • Advanced Technology: With the latest dental technologies, we ensure your child’s care is both efficient and effective.

When to Seek Emergency Dental Care?

In cases of severe trauma, extensive bleeding or if your child experiences difficulty breathing, please head directly to the nearest emergency room.

We Are Here to Help!

Need to visit us for pediatric emergency dental care in Manhattan, New York? Call us at 212-874-1200 without delay. Our compassionate emergency dentist and team are committed to providing your child with the gentle, expert care they deserve. Together, we will keep those precious smiles healthy and bright.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Children can suffer from severe toothaches, chipped or knocked out teeth, fractured braces or even injuries to their mouths or jaws. A situation that causes significant pain, bruising, or trauma in the mouth should be considered an emergency.

You should seek emergency dental treatment for your child immediately after a dental problem or injury occurs. Treatment can minimize pain and prevent further damage. It also increases the chance of saving a tooth.

It’s important to stay calm if your child loses a tooth. Avoid touching the root and pick up the tooth using the crown. If the tooth is dirty, rinse it gently with water. Do not scrub or remove any tissue attached. If possible, place the tooth into its socket or moisten it by dipping it in saliva or milk. Then, seek immediate dental care.

Many pediatric dental offices offer emergency care and after-hours services. You should check with the dentist of your child or the pediatric dental clinic nearest you to find out if they offer emergency services and what procedures are in place.

An emergency children’s dentist will thoroughly examine your child to ascertain the severity of any dental issues or injuries. The treatment may include pain relief or dental restoration procedures, as well as procedures to repair damaged teeth. The dentist will provide advice on how to prevent future problems and follow-up treatment.

need an emergency pedatric dentist near me?

Trust us for prompt, comprehensive treatments for any dental emergencies your child experiences. We have many years experience as a kids emergency dentist and we are dedicated to providing gentle care in a comforting environment, ensuring your child feels safe and supported throughout their visit. Rest assured, we prioritize your child’s well-being and are committed to restoring their dental health with expertise and compassion.

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