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About Us

At Open Sesame Dentistry we have a very simple goal and that is to provide the very best possible treatment and care for your child ensuring they have a fun, memorable and painless visit. What sets us apart from most other dental practices is that very singular focus.


A Message From Dr. Grady

We believe that the value of your child’s dental health should be a parent and doctor’s determination, not solely defined by your insurance policy and what is covered by their terms.

Dr. Suzanne Grady is a pediatric dentist with 20+ years of experience treating the unique needs of children and adolescents. As a mother herself, she is attuned to the different needs of each stage of development. We deliver service with the best quality possible.

Not only will you feel at ease because of the friendly environment in our office, but you can always trust that we have your child’s best interests in mind. We hope that you will value our services as much as we value your family.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Delivery of a high level of dental care not only involves an expert level diagnosis and treatment of the teeth, but also an understanding of the parents concerns and best practices regarding dental care.

With this complete understanding, we can not only treat but also teach your child the simple steps to a healthy dental life. The health and maintenance of your child’s first set of teeth help set the foundation for their permanent teeth.

Dr. Grady prioritizes time to get to know each patient and parent on an individual level. We know how valuable your time is. That is why we do not shuffle you between assistants, hygienists, or doctors with long wait times and a doctor who only comes in for a few minutes. This one-on-one approach allows for a deeper understanding of your child’s needs, ensuring continuity and personalized attention.

Professional Statement

Dr. Suzanne Grady is a pediatric dentist with 20 years of experience treating the unique needs of children and adolescents. As a mother herself, she is attuned to the differing needs of each child and differing family dynamics at each stage of development.

Dr. Grady started her journey towards private practice by working as a dental assistant as she completed her bachelors in child psychology at the University of Buffalo. NYU offered her a full academic scholarship, and she completed her dental degree in the upper quintile of her class.
The next 3 years of residency further diversified and quantified her skills. The opportunity to work at the Rose F Kennedy Center for the Developmentally Disabled allowed her to hone her skills with special needs patients and to also see them on a regular basis, which integrated their treatment into the a workday seamlessly. She also completed her clinical research project on “Pediatric Patent Acceptance of Digital Radiograph” at a time when there were only 2 companies offering this product.

Dr. Grady worked as an associate with a diverse population in Connecticut and New Jersey. These states do not have fluoride in the water, which unfortunately results in the need for multiple crowns in the preschool and elementary school populations. Dr. Grady began using white crowns in 1999. They are now just entering the mainstream of pediatric dentistry. The birth of her second child prompted the decision to move her skills to Manhattan. In October 2007, Open Sesame Dentistry joined the upper west side of Manhattan.

After completing her pediatric specialty, Dr. Grady remained at St. Barnabas Hospital and continues as a professor, to teach future pediatric dentists. While in school at NYU she completed a residency in TMJ disorder and remains an active member.


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